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Managing Student Loan Debt Through Consolidation

by Ray Sagner on Dec 30, 2021

Finance, FINRA Reviewed
The figures out last year show that the average amount of student loan debt a student graduates with is a little more than $35,000. Most graduates are carrying multiple student loans from multiple sources, and the cost and complexity of managing them can become overwhelming, especially if they are unable to secure steady employment with sufficient cash flow to make the payments.

How to Purchase the Right Amount of Life Insurance

by Ray Sagner on Dec 2, 2021

FINRA Reviewed, Insurance
Anyone with a family to protect understands the critical role life insurance plays in their financial plan However,  in determining the actual amount of coverage to provide essential protection needs, many people tend to adhere to simplistic rules-of-thumb, such as a “multiple of income,” which may leave them wondering if they own too much or too little coverage. That’s not exactly the “peace-of-mind” we hope for when buying life insurance.

Personal Loans and Credit Card Payoffs - What You Need To Know

by Ray Sagner on Nov 18, 2021

Education, Finance, FINRA Reviewed, Credit
With credit card interest rates ranging between 11% and 22%, it’s no wonder people are looking for alternative ways to manage and pay off their credit card debt. This is where a personal loan might come into play; using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt can help you manage your overall debt once and for all, if you know how to navigate the pitfalls. Find out what you need to know to use this method effectively to manage your personal debt.