Our Services

Full-Service Financial Consulting

The Legacy Group, Ltd. offers a variety of financial consulting services. Based on a financial plan prepared just for you, our full-service, Fee-Only financial planning process offers individualized service and professional advice.

Through a confidential advisory relationship, we will help you chart a course that seeks to achieve your long-term goals and financial objectives. Based on your needs and desires, your financial plan may include these and other highly specialized financial services:

  • Retirement Planning
  • 401 (k) Rollover Strategies
  • Pension Survivor Decisions
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Family Business Planning
  • Wealth Enhancement Strategies
  • Portfolio Allocation Design
  • Income Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Charitable Planning Strategies

Fee-Only Professional Asset Management

At The Legacy Group, Ltd., all assets are managed on a Fee-Only basis. To that end, we offer professionally designed and managed portfolios through the SEI Investments Company. "Fee-Only" means that we do not accept commissions, as is the norm at some other "Fee Based" firms. Instead, your account is assigned an annual fee, a percentage based on the value of your account, this model puts us on the same side of the table doing what is in your best interest. 

After determining your objectives and risk tolerance, we will create a portfolio that meets your investing criteria. Proper asset allocation (the right investment mix), coupled with professional, ongoing management, helps ensure that client portfolios enjoy the greatest potential return while reducing overall risk. Continuous monitoring and quarterly performance reporting are also a part of our professional asset management program.