How We Work With Clients

What We Do

The Legacy Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We specialize in providing wealth management and financial planning advice tailored to meet our client’s objectives. Our value is in helping clients develop a financial map, provide the discipline to stay on the path and to help clients see the necessary steps to improve their financial lives.

We offer financial planning advice and manage our clients' investment portfolios on a Fee-Only basis. We take no third party compensation and thus have no obligations to anyone but our clients. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest and allows us to adjust portfolios, if need be, without incurring unnecessary costs. And, as Fee-Only advisors, we have no obligations to anyone but our clients and there is no incentive or pressure for us to do anything that is not in their best interest.

How We Do It

The first step is to gather all the quantitative and qualitative data from our client. It is critical that we get to know our clients and their financial situation better than anyone else. Our job, very simply, is to take the information we get and use the tools and knowledge we have to help clients move forward to where they want to be financially.

Once we gather the information from a client we asses their needs for Retirement, Investments, Savings, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Tax Management, Debt Management and if need be College Savings and Elder Care.

Depending on the client’s needs, we will meet in person to review their investments and discuss any planning issues at least twice each year. And we are always available on an “as needed” basis. We also use periodic phone meetings and send emails with information that may be useful to clients.

Why We Do It

We love our work and take extra care to ensure that our clients have the best possible financial planning experience. Our mission is to guide our client’s wealth along the path of greatest good and we get special satisfaction from being their partner as we work towards reaching their financial goals.